EVENT: SDPI leads national debate on migration, water management and climate change

PRISE member organisation the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), in collaboration with the National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) – a Hi-AWARE partner organisation, led a panel discussion on ‘Migration, Water Management and Climate Change in Glacial River Basin and Semi-arid Regions in Pakistan: Key Linkages and Policy Options’, during the 20th Sustainable Development Conference in […]

EVENT: PRISE at the 20th Sustainable Development Conference

The PRISE team led debate on building pathways to climate resilient economic development in Pakistan at the 20th Sustainable Development Conference, which took place in Islamabad from December 5 to 7. Researchers shared their research findings with key stakeholders  including representatives of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Center, Pakistan Water Council, the United Nations, and the […]

NEWS: Leading change for pastoralism in Africa: PRISE at the Pôle Pastoralisme et Zones Sèches conference

Find out more about PRISE researchers as they presented research findings at the Pôle Pastoralisme et Zones Sèches (PPSZ) conference, in Senegal, as part of the project’s key role in the Regional Policy Dialogue (RPD) Towards Livestock Value Chain Research and Transformation in the Sahel and Horn of Africa.

NEWS: Challenging the myths around semi-arid lands

Globally, semi-arid lands (SALs) are home to almost one billion people and make major contributions to national economies. In ‘Challenging the myths around semi-arid lands’, we show how semi-arid regions can be drivers of inclusive, climate-resilient economic development.