Documentary: human stories from Senegalese semi-arid lands

Economies and communities in Senegal are attempting to adapt to climate change. Erratic rainfall patterns, climate variability, growing salinisation of water sources and coastal erosion are among the many challenges the country faces.

Against this backdrop, the PRISE project recently travelled to semi-arid regions across the West African country, from Saly in the west, to Fatick and Louga, before heading north to St Louis, near the border with Mauritania.

From hearing about communities in coastal regions that rely on tourism and the fishing industry, to economies dependent on rice cultivation and salt production, we documented the experiences of people living in these areas, the challenges they face building resilience to climate change, and the economic opportunities they are harnessing. The stories they shared were diverse and thought-provoking. Discover more about their lives here.

Photo: Rajeshree Sisodia/PRISE