Natural capital endowment and dynamics of the changing climate in arid and semi-arid lands: experiences from Africa and Asia


Arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) are home to communities that are highly dependent on climate-sensitive natural resources and landscapes for their livelihoods. The communities’ overdependence on natural resources coupled with land-use change, and weak institutional, legal and policy frameworks has accelerated the degradation of the natural resources base. The situation is further exacerbated by the changing climate which is increasing the vulnerability of fragile ecosystems and landscapes.

In an effort to understand the complex relationship between natural capital and community resilience in the context of climate change in the ASALs of Africa and Asia, and using East Africa, West Africa and Central Asia as case studies, this Natural Capital Review analyses the endowment framework underlying natural resource management and drivers of natural resource degradation, including natural processes and calamities induced by climate change. Additionally, it assesses policy frameworks that embed human action in the degradation and management of natural resources in ASALs.

The report finds that previous studies on natural capital have analysed the interrelationship between climatic environment, structural processes and poverty. It also concludes that tenure is the most mentioned barrier hindering the attainment of sustainable natural resource management and development.


Image: Gustave Deghilage: Creative Commons License