Value Chain Analysis for Resilience in Drylands (VC-ARID): Identification of adaptation options in key sectors


PRISE Project 3 aims to identify opportunities for economic transformation and diversification in the semi-arid lands of PRISE countries, by integrating sectors rooted in semi-arid lands into national economies. Taking a three-step, innovative, common methodology – called Value Chain Analysis for Resilience in Drylands (VC-ARID) – the project will identify climate risk, adaptation options and opportunities for private sector development in Kenya, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Ethiopia – specifically for the livestock and cotton sectors.

The VC-ARID approach to value chain analysis is innovative in that it considers the specific characteristics of semi-arid systems. This synthesis report focuses on the first of the three steps within the methodology – that of Mapping the value chain. The results and recommendations for Step 2 – Assessing climate risks at each level of the value chain, and Step 3 – Identifying options for adaptation and private sector investment for climate-resilient value chain transformation – will follow in subsequent reports.



Image: Cotton ready for harvest, by Jay Phagan

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