MEDIA: ‘Show me skinny, dying livestock and I will fatten them soon after’

How can we identify options for adaptation and private sector investment to promote climate-resilient value chain transformation in Kenya’s livestock sector? What roles do land ownership and access have in reducing climate vulnerability and building climate-resilient economic development for pastoral communities in Kenya?

In a recent media article in the Daily Nation, Kenyan journalist Isaiah Esipisu highlights the importance of PRISE Project 3 research on identifying the potential for economic transformation and diversification of value chains in Kenya’s livestock sector, and the role of access to, and ownership of, land in reducing climate vulnerability and enhancing climate-resilient economic development, as part of PRISE Project 5 work with pastoralists and wildlife conservancies in Kenya

The article was written after he participated in a recent media training event in Nairobi, Kenya, organised by the consortium’s researchers to inform journalists of PRISE’s continuing research and stakeholder engagement activities.

For more about PRISE research on value chain transformation click here, and on climate-resilient pastoral livelihoods in Kenya’s wildlife conservancies, click here.


Image: Maasai cows, by Matt Biddulph

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