MEDIA: PRISE researchers in the news

In her latest comment piece in the Express Tribune, PRISE Research Associate Ayesha Qaisrani talks about the challenges and ways forward for climate finance in Pakistan. She argues that to prove Pakistan’s commitment to climate action, the momentum created by putting into place the right institutions must be matched by a political determination to implement climate plans and policies. Read the full article here

This opinion piece by PRISE researcher Ahmed Awais Khaver highlights water usage and management issues in Pakistan. In the Express Tribune article, he highlights how adopting innovative technologies – such as direct seeding drip irrigation, micro irrigation, low-energy precision application sprinklers, and the recycling and treatment of wastewater – can all increase the efficiency of water, a step that is vital in a water-stressed country such as Pakistan. Don’t miss his views here.


Articles cited courtesy of The Express Tribune.

Image: By Benny Lin, Creative Commons License

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