PRISE-DECCMA successful in securing funding for cross-consortia PhD

Kashif Salik, PRISE Research Associate from the Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Islamabad, will join the DECCMA team at the University of Southampton to complete a PhD in the coming months, after PRISE and DECCMA secured funding for cross-consortia research.

The PhD aims to:

  • Explore climate-induced components of migration patterns and associated vulnerabilities and risks on livelihoods/food security and urbanisation through the analysis of socio-economic parameters
  • To understand how ‘the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies’ may work; as well as institutions for evidence-based adaptation options
  • To inspire/suggest policies related to climate-induced migration factors that can build resilient communities and safeguard natural resources.

This approach will be nuanced by an understanding of the initial state of poverty of the community studied. This status will be taken into consideration when understanding the drivers of migration in order to:

  • Determine the degree to which migratory pattern ‘hot spots’ in Pakistan can be associated with climate extremes
  • Characterise livelihood vulnerabilities and poverty in ‘hotspot areas’ to determine the association between welfare status and the likelihood of migration
  • Examine what the potential policy implications of climate and socio-economic scenarios for internal migration in Pakistan are.


Image: by DVIDSHUB

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