Les envois des migrants : un levier important pour un développement résilient aux changements climatiques dans les zones semi-arides du Sénégal


Migrants are major development actors in Senegal’s semi-arid lands, regions in which people’s vulnerability is increasingly exacerbated by climate change. Through remittances, migrants bring valuable resources, including skills and knowledge, to their home countries. In some cases, these resources represent the main source of income.

This French-language policy brief reviews the main lessons and recommendations of PRISE project 2 work on ‘Migration, remittances, adaptation and resilience in arid and semi-arid regions of Senegal and Tajikistan,’ including exploring the links between migration, migrant remittances and climate change resilience in Senegal.


Image: Woman in front of her field funded by migrant’s remittances, ©Lancelot Ehode/IED Afrique