Migrations et autonomisation des femmes en contexte de changement climatique : enjeux et défis à Wendu Bosseabe (région de Matam)


Like many localities in the Senegal River Valley, Wendu Bosseabe is plagued by climate vulnerability and precarious living conditions. However, it has undergone significant socio-economic changes in recent years as a result of the combined effect of migration by men, remittances and state investments, particularly in the agricultural sector. The result has been an increase in the socio-economic role that women – who rely on multi-activity strategies to cope with the many problems they face – play.

This working paper aims to analyse the issues and challenges related to women’s empowerment in the village of Wendu Bosseabe, in the Senegal River Valley. It focuses on typical women’s empowerment pathways to highlight the links between migration and household resilience.