Achieving and evaluating impact: PRISE Stories of Change

Stories of Change are narratives that aim to illustrate a change, or a series of changes, which can be linked in full or in part to a project or programme’s intervention. They aim to provide a documented account of a notable change in policy and practice, and are supported by direct or circumstantial evidence from which it is possible to either demonstrate or infer a plausible contribution.

In PRISE, building Stories of Change involved researchers, and Monitoring and Evaluation and Communications specialists looking for the pieces of evidence or individual steps that identified the change, or changes, the project contributed to, confirming that it is an actual change and then documenting it.

The Stories of Change the PRISE project documented are available to read below, and include:

All of these Stories of Change are supported by evidence taken from the PRISE Outcome Mapping (OM) system, and are examples of influence and impact that aim to help with sharing learnings and best practices. They illustrate the project’s journey towards significant change through more involved stakeholder engagement and research uptake, all of which evolved over the course of the project. The resulting OM data, and monitoring and reflection processes, helped research teams to improve their research-into-use strategies and identify these as examples of how research can change policy and practice.

To find out more about how PRISE monitored and evaluated its impact and influence, read our report on ‘Outcome monitoring and learning in large multi-stakeholder research programmes: lessons from the PRISE consortium’ and comment piece ‘Outcome monitoring in large multi-stakeholder research programmes: Lessons from PRISE’.


Main image: Garment workers in Pakistan, © ILO.

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