NEWS: Leading change for pastoralism in Africa: PRISE at the Pôle Pastoralisme et Zones Sèches conference

Find out more about PRISE researchers as they presented research findings at the Pôle Pastoralisme et Zones Sèches (PPSZ) conference, in Senegal, as part of the project’s key role in the Regional Policy Dialogue (RPD) Towards Livestock Value Chain Research and Transformation in the Sahel and Horn of Africa.

MEDIA: ‘Show me skinny, dying livestock and I will fatten them soon after’

Read recent media coverage of the importance of PRISE research on identifying the potential for economic transformation and diversification of value chains in Kenya’s livestock sector and the role of access to, and ownership of, land in reducing climate vulnerability and enhancing climate-resilient economic development.

COMMENT: Livestock steps out of the shadows: value chain analysis for resilience in drylands

How can the private sector help to drive inclusive climate-resilient economic development? Find out more about PRISE’s unique, interdisciplinary value chain mapping approach to identifying effective adaptation interventions in African and Asian drylands.