Bara Guèye

Innovations Environnement Développement Afrique

Bara is a PRISE Co-Principal Investigator at Innovation, Environnement et Développement en Afrique (IED Afrique) and is also Director of IED Afrique, in Senegal. IED Afrique is the former Sahel Office of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), in the UK, where Bara worked for many years. An agro-economist by training, for more than 25 years his work has focused on the promotion of participatory political and natural resource governance, sustainable agriculture and strengthening the capacities of local communities in Africa to adapt to climate change.

Within PRISE, Bara provides leadership to the project in West Africa and also contributes to the various research themes including Climate Risk Management, Governance, Institutions and Finance, and Markets and Supply Chains.