Zhanna Babagaliyeva

The Regional Environment Center for Central Asia (CAREC)

Zhanna is a specialist at the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Programme at the Regional Environment Centre for Central Asia (CAREC). In PRISE, she is working on developing the research methodology for Tajikistan in Research Area 2 ‘Migration, remittances, adaptation and resilience in arid and semi-arid regions of Senegal and Tajikistan’.

Zhanna began her career designing different environmental projects, including Environmental Impact Assessments and projects for the permissible impact of physical factors and emissions for oil production companies. As a member of the verification team for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions at LLP (a Kazakh ecological group) in Kazakhstan, she also gained experience in the verification of GHG emission reports and GHG emissions reduction programmes in the country.

During her MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy at the Central European University, in Budapest, Hungary, she continued to specialise in Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) at the national and regional levels. Her MSc thesis focused on exploring possible ways to improve Kazakhstan’s ETS.